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Basic information


Icelandic Forest owners Association

In july 2021 the association were united with the Farmers Association.

LSE is an umbrella organization (NGO) that combines Icelandic forest owners into one organisation. (Around 600 members.)



The purpose of the association is to build up the forestry industry for forest owners, advocate and for the benefit  for those who practice forestry.

Under the LSE umbrella are five Nation portion:

North portion, South portion, East portion, West portion and West-fjords portion. 

The board has 5 members, located all around Iceland and the manager is located in Reykjavik. 

Gender facts of LSE in the year 2018

- Members in LSE= roughly 700:  30/70 of 100

- Local boar members around Iceland:  12/of 21 = 57%/43%

- Chairmen in local boards nation wide (5):= all women

- LSE board members of five individuals: 4/1 (the chairman)

- The only employer of LSE is male.

Manager : Hlynur Gauti Sigurðsson

Contact :

Telephone: +354 775 1070

Address: Bændasamtök Ísland

                Borgartún 25

                105 Reykjavík

                Iceland = Forest Farmer.Iceland


Today, Iceland is fairly forested country. In last couple of decade farmers are growing forests and in the nearest future it will have a great impact on the Icelandic nation, economicly, sosially and last but not least, environmetally. Forest goes extremely well with other agriculture and it will be a greater resource, perhaps world wide, in the nearest future. 

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